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Dear Mr. Sharbaugh,
I am writing this letter as a thank you for your work on the book Ammunition For Piercing the Armor of the Philosophy of Evolution.

Several years ago, you visited my church, first Baptist Church of Beech Grove, as a guest speaker during a conference. I listened to your presentations and found everything you said to be very interesting. At the end of the conference, my mother purchased your book.

I did not become more interested in the controversy of creation versus evolution until the spring of my junior year. For an Intermediate Composition class. I had an assignment to write a persuasive research paper. I thought what better a topic than creation. Your book and the Bible were my main sources.

As I researched for the paper, I realized that there is so much evidence proving that evolution is wrong. I was especially amazed how evolutionists twist evidence in the world to fit their ideas of evolution. I received an A on the paper and I owe my success to the excellent evidence in your book.

This year, as a senior, I must give a persuasive speech. Since my research paper was so successful, I have decided to do my speech on creation. My goal for the speech is to give information to persuade scientists to believe in creation or at least reconsider their stand on evolution. So far, the speech has gone well, and I am very excited about telling my classmates of my strong beliefs in creation.

Your book is very well written. As I read each chapter, I found everything clearly explained. Even the most scientific explanations were made easy to understand. Without the information given in your book, I would have found myself searching all over town for a reliable source.

I thank God that there are men in this world who are not afraid to stand up for their beliefs. Sometimes in this ungodly world, I find it hard to stand up for Jesus and what I believe in.

Once again, thank you for all of your excellent work. I appreciate your dedication to God.

Teresa L. Hromada

      s a science teacher in a Christian high school, Ammunition, by Norm Sharbaugh, has been one of the most helpful books that I have read for preparing high school students to understand the critical issues comparing the theory of Evolution to that of Creation and the Young Earth Theory. In an easy-to-understand manner, Ammunition enables the students in my classes to see new and exciting interpretations of scientific data that are solely based on the principles of God's Word. The ability of this book to empower students in this significant area, has given my students tremendous advantage as they further their education in secular colleges across the nation where only Evolution is taught, and erroneously taught as fact.
Ammunition is exactly what our Christian young people need as they battle evolutionary teaching throughout their educational experiences.

Dee Tidball is a veteran teacher of 19 years. She teaches biology, advanced biology, chemistry, and physics.

Recommendation from a First Class Scientist
Dear Brother Sharbaugh,

I have immensely appreciated your recent book Ammunition For Piercing The Armor Of The Philosophy Of Evolution. God has greatly blessed me by allowing me to hear you speak at the Hazelwood Baptist Church and giving me the opportunity to acquire your book.

I find the book to be an excellent presentation of recoded historical fact and a well-reasoned commentary on both the fallacies of evolution and the infallibility of Holy Scripture. I am familiar with no other book which uses the Scriptures more effectively in tackling this challenging subject. This has been especially important to me in grasping the true importance of the current creation /evolution controversies. I share your burden for the youth of our society.

As a Ph.D. Mechanical Engineer (Purdue University 1983), I commend your careful handling of the several technical disciplines which have in the past been erroneously proposed as supporting evolutionary theory. Whether you are explaining the clear evidence for the intelligent design of DNA, or the human artifacts discovered in supposedly prehuman rock layers of our earth, your careful compilation of scholarly works provides enough depth to satisfy the reasoning mind, with enough brevity to keep the focus clear. That focus is squarely on both the complete inadequacy of the evolutionary premises and the complete reliability and trustworthiness of the revealed Word of God.

Thank you. My prayer is that God may further increase the fruit of your ministry.

In Christ,
Dr. Philip H. Snyder

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Some of the most prominent creationist speakers through the years have used Brother Sharbaugh's book, Ammunition. Dr. Kent Hovind comments, "I have read hundreds of books on the creation / evolution subject and yours would rate up near the top with the best of them. I work hard in my ministry to keep the subject simple so everyone can understand it. Your book does the same. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in this most important subject."
Dr.Kent Hovind and Norm Sharbaugh
Gerardus D. Bouw PhD

A great resource for
evidence of a young
creation.  Evangelist Sharbaugh's book is especially useful for
home schoolers as it
can supplement any curriculum. I wish
you good success.
Dee Tidball
Head of  science department
Bethesda Christian Schools
Brownsburg, Indiana
288 pages
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From Ammunition For Piercing
  The Armor of The Philosophy of Evolution
Have you ever been in a courtroom trial where the lawyer of one side was never allowed to examine or cross-examine the witness? No, you haven't. As prejudiced as our judicial system is at times, both lawyers are always allowed this right.

In the arena of origins, however, this is not the case. Picture with me the court trial that takes place with our children in the biology classroom every year. The evolutionist lawyer (most generally a biology teacher who has never seen the other side of the issue and who assumes if there is one, it couldn't be scientific) begins:

"Your Honor, we would like to call to the stand Professor Lotsoffaith. Professor Lotsoffaith, do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?" (Oops! I'm sorry. We are not allowed to say God. Let's rephrase it.)

"Professor Lotsoffaith, do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you Darwin?"

"I do."

Judge: "Evolutionary Lawyer, you may question the witness."

Evolutionary Lawyer: "Professor Lotsoffaith, would you please give this classroom of students evidence for the obvious fact of evolution?"

Professor Lotsoffaith: "Surely, that's simple. We biologists know that the geologists have proved the fact of evolution from the fossil record."

Evolutionary Lawyer: "No more questions, Your Honor."

Creationist Lawyer: "Your Honor, we would like to cross-examine the witness."

Judge: "How dare you try such an unscientific thing as that! You have nothing scientific to say and furthermore, one more outbreak like that in this classroom, and we will hold you in contempt of court!

"Evolutionary Lawyer, you may proceed."
Evolutionary Lawyer: "Your honor, we would like to call as a witness to the stand Professor Circlereasoning, the geologist from Watereddown University.

"Professor Circlereasoning, could you tell our class of students what proof we have for the obvious truth of evolution?"

Professor Circlereasoning: "Surely, that is simple. As geologists, we know that the biologist has established proof beyond any doubt. He has experiments, Archaeopteryx, arguments for similarity, Eohippus, a dark and a light moth; and furghermore, Richard Goldschmidt, former professor at the University of California said, 'Evolution of the animal and plant world is considered by all those entitled to judgment to be a fact for which no further proof is needed."

Evolutionary Lawyer: "No further questioning, Your Honor."

Creationist Lawyer: "Your Honor, we would like to put forth our witness."

Judge: "Your witness? Didn't you hear what Goldschmidt said?  ' by all those entitled to judgment'"

Creationist Lawyer: "But, Your Honor, our witness was the guest scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory for nearly 13 years (an unprecedented time for a guest scientist) and one of the world's foremost authorities on polonium halos. His research has proved the instantaneous creation of the earth's granite rock, a fact that denies the earth being a molten state for millions of years."

Judge: "It is clearly obvious to this court that you and your witness are trying to impose your religious convictions upon these students, and it is the decision of this court that this classroom shall not be cumbered about by an unnecessary examination that attempts to refute the clear and obvious fact of evolution. This court is adjourned."